MIEA Efforts for 2019-2020

MIEA June 16th, 2020 Update

MIEA June 1st, 2020 Update

MIEA May 18th, 2020 Update - Personal Leave

MIEA May 16th, 2020 Update

For those of you who are currently on limited letters or contracts that are scheduled to end this school year, you might qualify for unemployment under the expanded rules of the CARES act (https://esd.wa.gov/unemployment/cares-act). I am reaching-out to let you know that you can collect for the month of July if you are eligible, which is sooner than usual for school employees, since you are still receiving a pay check. https://esd.wa.gov/unemployment/cares-act

If you need more information, reach-out to me or to Erin Anderson in HR.

Welcome to the 2019-20 school year!  I want to thank you for being an MIEA member and sharing your voice and energy in our MIEA activities last year.  I hope you will join me in thanking your Building Reps., Executive Board members and bargainers for all of their efforts on behalf of all of us.  They donated many hours last year to make positive changes to our working conditions and pay this year and in the years to come and support members.  I am proud of the work we did last year to improve the lives of MIEA members; and look forward to continuing this work in the 2019-20 school year. 

Below are just some of what MIEA worked on and accomplished last year:

  • Organized/ supported our bargaining team as they negotiated the allocation of McLeary dollars
  • Bargained a historic pay increase for both our classified and certificated members
  • Our custodial staff joined our ranks as MIEA members
  • Negotiated more pay for time spent working outside our work-day thru MAPL
  • Determined priorities in our work related to wages, insurance and other benefits, workload, class size/load, evaluations and other education policies that affect you and MI students
  • Negotiated an MOU/stipend for “Gator Time” at IMS
  • Negotiated our Inclement Weather agreement
  • Advocated for our RTI/PBIS leads to receive the correct stipend relative to the work they’ll be doing
  • Advocated for our custodial staff during the “snowmageddon of 2019”
  • Cleaned-up the language in our Collective Bargaining Agreements
  • Represented staff members who needed assistance with grievances and evaluations
  • Represented member interests at PTA Board meetings, Superintendent meetings, CCS meetings
  • Participated in committees to consider pay differentiation and bus driver “extra” trips
  • Represented staff members as requested for evaluation and supervisor meetings
  • Provided financial planning opportunities to members in partnership with Rena Nofsinger from Valic.
  • Participated in monthly Sammamish UniServ President meetings
  • Updated members about 2019 WEA Legislative Priorities that will/are effecting members
  • Assisted members to navigate the Danielson Evaluation Process
  • Kept abreast of updates on SEBB-(School Employees Benefit Board). Began conversations with MISD on how SEBB (healthcare) will be rolled out to members so our members are not negatively impacted.
  • District Goal Setting as it relates to our changing demographics
  • MISD Budget monitoring
  • Educating paraeducators on how to meet new state standards & attended trainings about this new development
  • Working with MISD to help design how para-educators will meet the new standards
  • Attended WEA Representatives Assembly in Spokane, WA
  • Assisted members with changing job categories and clarifying job description language
  • Advocated/Assisted employees under investigation or Plans of Improvement/Probationary period
  • Investigating how VEBA is handled by MISD and whether all employee benefits are being handled appropriately, and in our members best interest.
  • Met and discussed items of mutual interest with our current MISD school board members and conducting interviews with school board candidates this summer.
  • Weekly and monthly meetings with MISD Human Resources Department and our Superintendent to discuss items of mutual interest and/or concern
  • Bargained our calendar through 2022
  • Welcomed new employees to MISD
  • Continued discussions on what needs to be updated in our current contract in order to prepare for our bargaining in 2020.
  • Attended and conducted monthly MIEA meetings with Executive Board and Rep. Council to address member questions and concerns and set agenda/policy for MIEA
  • Conducted meetings with custodial staff to integrate them into MIEA and work on work related issues that are unique to their positions
  • Negotiated a fair resolution for staff who had inadvertently accrued more than the 180 days of sick leave allowed by our state.

This is a snapshot of our MIEA efforts to support our members last year. We will continue to work to positively impact your working conditions, listening for your priorities and keeping up with our legislative changes. We will be bargaining a new contract in the summer of 2020 so expect us to be reaching out this year to members for information about what we can do to make MISD an even better place to work.