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MIEA logo FinalWhy does being a member of MIEA Matter?

It’s important to understand the benefits and value of belonging to the National Education Association, Washington Education Association and the Mercer Island Education Association. We believe in full disclosure and your right to be fully informed when making important economic and professional decisions.

Most of Washington’s K-12 educators choose to be dues paying members of their local association. In fact, more than 95% of Washington’s K-12 public school educators are WEA members. The fact of the matter is, the more of us that stand together, the stronger our voice is at the local, state and national level. Over the past several years, the strength of educators standing together is shown in all of the additional educational funding that has come through the McCleary decision and allowed us to bargain for our working conditions and mitigations during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Below are additional statistics and benefits related to membership in the union.

MIEA Specific Union-Bargained Benefits

Sick Leave and non-illness leave:

For most members, each year you receive 12 sick leave days. You also receive 3 Personal leave days, and bereavement leave (5 or 10 days depending on the situation).

Competitive Compensation:

Over the past few years, we have bargained significant pay increases for both our classified and our certificated members. Our certificated salary schedule ranges from $59k to $117k allowing for members to reach top pay sooner in their career (19 years of service) and our classified pay is known as one of the top in the State. Our bargaining success is directly tied to our strong MIEA membership and advocacy.

COVID Safety and Support:

Through our COVID-19 bargaining team, who spent easily thousands of hours advocating for MISD staff and students, you were able to participate in numerous meetings, surveys, and communications to help create the best possible environment and supports for our students and staff. We could not have done it without these amazing bargainers, and they could not have done it without your membership and support.

Additional benefits of Union Membership

  1. You are able to keep abreast of the most recent updates in educational issues and receive reminders from WEA and MIEA through regular emails and general membership meetings.
  2. You have a say in and can influence local contract negotiations. We are stronger together!
  3. You have a say in the association’s work related to wages, benefits, workload, class size, evaluations, health-care and other education policies that affect you and your students.
  4. You can influence and are able to vote on contract ratification, election of officers, and Mercer Island Education Association matters.
  5. You will have a voice in and be able to participate in local association building meetings, general membership meetings and social events.
  6. You will be protected by $3 million in Educator Employment Liability insurance provided to association members. If you are sued for events in the workplace, you will have insurance that covers legal defense and payment of any judgement.
  7. You will belong to the 94,000-member statewide organization that is the collective voice for Washington’s public schools, school employees, and students.
  8. You will be eligible to receive association assistance in obtaining Professional Certification or National Board certification.
  9. You will qualify for the Attorney Referral Program, which provides discounted personal legal services through WEA network attorneys.
  10. You will receive legal services for employment-related matters, including licensing and certificated termination/discipline/terminations.
  11. You will be eligible for the following benefits and services: All NEA and WEA member only discount, financial, travel, professional and insurance programs and services.  Programs include NEA complementary life insurance and all other NEA life insurance, NEA Online savings programs, and bonuses associated with these programs, NEA credit card offers, NEA home financing, NEA auto and home insurance, NEA auto buying program, NEA personal loan and student loan programs, long-term care, and other health related programs, NEA click & save and other everyday discounts that same our members more than it costs to be a member.

In short why be a member?

Major decisions that affect your work life every day are made more favorable when we have a strong union. The McCleary decision would have been much weaker if WEA was seen as representing only a portion of educators and student interests. MIEA can advocate and win the benefits listed above because the district sees MIEA represents most all of the educators on Mercer Island. 


YOUR union is only as strong as the members it represents!

Thank you for your membership!