Who We Are

It is my pleasure to give you a hearty WELCOME from MIEA, the Mercer Island Education Association.  We are glad you decided to continue (or start) your educational career with us.  We represent your 450 colleagues here on the Island, and are joined in membership by over 90,000 educators in Washington and over 2 million nationwide. Our strength is in our collective knowledge and vast experience of what works in the classroom.  Our Association gives you a professional voice in working conditions and in educational policy decisions. In the buildings, we have representatives who bring their experience to help find answers to your questions.

MIEA is in association of both certificated and classified employees. It is unusual for both groups to be together, but our collective support is a real strength and a blessing.  It builds mutual respect and camaraderie when we know our colleagues are part of the same Association.

MIEA is democratically run and we welcome your participation at monthly meetings and your involvement within your building.