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BLM king county picBlack Lives Matter Seattle - King County is a grassroots, volunteer-run, social-justice nonprofit organization focused on the empowerment and liberation of Blacks and other people of color through advocacy and direct action. BLM Seattle centers leadership on Black femmes, women, and queer people organizing and taking direct action to dismantle anti-black systems and policies of oppression. 

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Hello MIEA Members,

I hope this update finds you well.  As we near the end of this very unusual school year I want to tell all of you how proud I am of all of your efforts to meet the needs of our students, to advocate for them and teach them in these difficult circumstances.  

Today we all have an opportunity to stand with the Black Lives Matter organization and advocate for change to quote one of our members, "on June 12th we will “walk the walk” and begin to do the hard work of recognizing that this nation is at a crossroads and that MISD is not hiding from change, but instead is ushering in a new era of inclusiveness? If we think of schools as providing life to their communities and that the schoolhouse serves as a lighthouse or a beacon that guides to show the best that it can offer, then do we not need to lead by example and show how active civic participation makes us the great nation that we are? “As we finish out the final days of this disrupted and challenging school year, we will continue to dedicate our work in support of our students during this crisis of the COVID pandemic and now more importantly, bravely working to be an anti-racist organization.”

I hope you will come show your dedication to change as it relates to racism and inequity in our country.  Please take the time to join in on the Black Lives Matter call to action day today by joining the MIHS student led march from South Mercer Fields to Mercerdale Park.

The march will begin at South Mercer Fields at noon, there will be a 9 min stop at 40th and Island Crest Way to honor George Floyd, and then it will continue to Mercerdale Park.  

I believe that together we can change history, but it requires action.  Please join us in standing up for Black Lives and showing that they matter to our community. I have attached information from the organizers to this email.


Sally and the MIEA Executive Board


BLM MI pic

June 12th Black Lives Matter March on Mercer Island