Training Opportunities During COVID Closure

As WEA summer trainings have been canceled, several  courses have been created for members and nonmembers  which will give them the opportunity for self-paced learning.  This is another way WEA is responding to professional learning needs as the all the summer learning institutes have been cancelled.  

Some of the classes are paid for by the state and allow for any educator to attend.  They include:

  • STEM Integration for Secondary Educators (Available for all educators but mostly geared for teachers)
  • De-escalation (This one was developed by both para-educators and teachers and appropriate for all)
  • Intelligent Lives:  In Inclusionary Practices Journey (for all educators)

The following two options are for WEA members only:

  • TPEP 101 (Classroom teachers who are WEA members)
  • TPEP Evidence and Artifacts (Classroom teachers who are WEA members)

All trainings are free to participants.