Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs)

2021-22 MOUs

Transportation COVID-19 Protocol (2021.8.26)

Inclement Weather Protocol (2021.8.26)

2020-21 MOUs

Enhancing Elementary In-Person Learning Access MOU (2021.4.21)

Visitor & Volunteer Access MOU (2021.3.18)

Returning Students in Hybrid & Ongoing Secondary Negotiations Commitment MOU (2021.2.5)

COVID-19 Athletics Expansion MOU (2021.1.29)

Adapting to Changes in Special Education MOU (2020.12.17)

Gator-Time MOU (01.2021)

In-Person Extracurricular MOU, 2020/21 School Year (12.14.2020)

Streaming to Students who have COVID-19 Symptoms or are Quarantined MOU (11.19.2020)

Optional Streaming While Offering In-Person Support for Highest-Need Students MOU (11.22.2020)

Certificated Staff Member Working (Streaming) While Quarantined MOU (11.22.2020)

Kindergarten/First Health Attestation Confirmation Protocol (2020.11.19)

Notification of COVID-19 Risk Level at Work MOU (11.19.2020)

Limited Return to In-Person Learning for High-Risk Students (2020.11.11)

Subbing Remotely While on Leave (2020.11.5)

Serving McKinney Vento Students In-Person Permissible (11.3.2020) 

2020 COVID-19 Bargain MOU (9.10.2020) 

Health Protocol: Appendix A MOU (9.2020)

August 2020 Health Protocol MOU (8.2020)

Covid-19 Certificated MOU Work Conditions, Continuous Learning (3.29.2020)

Custodial Hours During COVID-19 School Closure (3.21.2020)

COVID-19 Classified & Certificated MOU (3.19.2020)

Classified Work Day 11/27/19 (11.2019)

Certificated Substitute Pay (11.2019)

Certificated Evaluation Cycle MOU (10.2019)

Custodial Group MOU (9.2019)

Certificated Supplemental Additions (9.2019)

Certificated Weather Makeup MOU (6.2019)

Classified Weather Makeup MOU (6.2019)

"Gator Time" MOU (6.2019)

Absentee Coordinator MOU (5.2019)

Kindergarten Start Date 2018/19 MOU (6.2018)

Classified Leave Buy-Out MOU (6.2018)

Extra Bus Route Committee (10.2017)

Certain Special Education Program Analysis (10.2017)

Analysis of Paraeducator Qualifications (10.2017) 

Analyzing Paraeducator Differentiation (10.2017) 

Educational Staff Associate Intern Supplement (7.2017)